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Gutters and Snowguards

Gutters are essential to your home. They remove water from your roof, while protecting your siding, walkways, and foundation. Most homeowners choose white for the color, but gutters come in a variety of colors to match your siding and roof colors. There are two sizes: 5" residential and 6" commercial. Most homes with an average size roof use 5". If there is a much larger roof area, or very steep roof, or where sections of roof meet together, 6" gutters may be necessary. Gutter guards or screens are critical for maintaining your gutters and ensuring proper flow. Leader pipes extend from the gutter to ground level. 



Snowguards are necessary on slate and metal roofs.  They prevent large amounts of ice and snow from sliding off the roof and causing injury to anyone standing near the house.  Snowguards are available in different styles and shapes.

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